Best Coffee to Use for French Press

Best Coffee to Use for French Press

The best coffee to use for French Press Coffee is really up to your taste, but it’s highly recommended to get a whole bean coffee and grind it yourself. If you’re just getting into coffee and don’t have your own grinder, here are some ways you could make coffee without a grinder (How to Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder?).

If you’re looking for a ‘roast’ type, then it’s recommended to start with a MEDIUM roast coffee to get you started. Making French Press coffee is a fun experiment, one you should take full advantage of when learning how to make the perfect pot of coffee. With that said, the grind size is arguably more important than the type of coffee for French Press, so in this post let’s go over the best coffee to use for the French press & grind size.

If you’re just learning how to make French Press coffee, check out my post about it here. Finally, if you’re looking to purchase a French Press Coffee Maker, I wrote a post about that also, read my reviews here: French Press Coffee Maker Roundup.

Best Coffee Grind Size to Use for French Press

What Coffee To Use for French Press

The best grind size for making french press is a COARSE – EXTRA COARSE grind. This too will depend on your taste for coffee overtime but giving yourself a good starting point with a coarse grind, you can adjust according to your preference and experiment. The coarse size is important to French Press and coffee making in general as it will determine the techniques and additional variables for which of the brewing method should be used. But with anything coffee related, you should definitely experiment, everyone’s taste is different, my perfect cup of coffee will be different from yours.

Best pre-ground Coffee for French Press

If you don’t have a grinder and you’re just looking to buy a pre-ground coffee bag, here’s a quick list of pre-ground coffee companies I would recommend to get you started with your French Press. I would highly recommend getting an airtight coffee container to make your pre-ground coffee beans longer. As soon as you open the bag of pre-ground coffee, flavors start to disappear. Check out this post I wrote on how to keep your coffee fresher, longer (How to Store Coffee Beans to Maintain Freshness). Click on the images to check prices, just make sure you’re buying the PRE-GROUND version.

French Press Extra Coarse Grind

This grind is a good starting point (not my preferred size) for French Press if you’re looking for less sediment. Even if you’re using a double-filter French Press, some sediment will still end up in your coffee. But a coarse grind due to less surface area will require a little longer to steep in the French Press in order to get a stronger flavor. An extra coarse grind is also recommended for Cold Brewing coffee.

What Coffee To Use for French Press
French Press Extra Coarse Grind

French Press Coarse Grind

This would be my recommended grind size for starting out with French Press coffee. You can go finer grind or coarser, but most if not all of my French Press coffee is made in this grind setting. I find this grind size has a great balance between flavor, body and the amount of sediment produced from making French press. This grind size is also great for creating the right amount of surface area for extracting as much flavor from your coffee beans as possible.

What Coffee To Use for French Press
French Press Coarse Grind

French Press Medium-Coarse Grind

This grind is starting to get to my favorite brewing method grind size, which is pour over coffee. Medium-Coarse grind will still work for French Press, you can still make a good pot of coffee, but you’ll find more sediment in your cup. The reason is the mesh filters that usually come with French Press coffee makers aren’t fine enough to catch all the smaller coffee from the grinding process, thus ending up in your cup and creating a nice sludge on the bottom of each cup. You can certainly prevent most of the sediments from going into your cup by having a good pour technique and allowing the coffee to settle a bit before pouring straight into your coffee. But just remember, the finer you grind your beans, the more likely you are to end with sediments.

What Coffee To Use for French Press
French Press Medium Coarse Grind

Download Our Practical Guide to Coffee Grind Size (PDF)

You can download the full PDF by clicking the button below, you’re welcome to share it and use it however you want (just credit Anyway, the PDF basically has 6 grind types most commonly used for making coffee. It shows Extra Coarse all the way to Fine grind.

French Press Coffee Ratio Grams

This is a good starting point for your French Press Coffee Ratio. Use a 15:1 water:bean ratio, that means for every 15 grams of coffee, use 227 grams of water, which is roughly 8 ounces. Use the chart below to scale your coffee if you’re making more than 1 cup of coffee. Each up is equal to 8 oz in this chart.

Fluid OzBeans Weight (grams)Cups
1 cup = 8 fl. oz

How to Use a French Press

I have a lengthy write up on how to use a French Press coffee here. But if you’d rather watch a video about making French Press, check out this YT link that’s pretty good. They don’t really good over some of the tools and it’s a silent video without any real instructions. but it’s still pretty good.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to making french press coffee. The most important parts are the water temp, grind size, steep time. Everything else is just fluff. If you get those three things right, it doesn’t matter what coffee type, roast or price, it will make a decent cup of coffee every time. I would encourage you to play around with your grind sized, I’ve heard of people use fine grind for their french press coffee, so there’s definitely a wide range of flavor profiles when it comes to the French Press coffee. If you enjoyed this article, check us out on Twitter and if you’re curious about more coffee related articles, click here for quick links to our favorite posts.

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What Coffee To Use for French Press

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