The Best Pour Over Coffee Makers (Roundup)

The Best Pour Over Coffee Makers (Roundup)

Pour over coffee is so good I thought it was worth making an entire website dedicated to it. Here’s a quick list of pour over coffee makers that we recommend. We’ve curated the list of pour over coffee makers carefully based on quality, functionality, and price. There’s a lot of pour over coffee makers to choose from, but these coffee makers stand out above the rest.

BrandCapacity (cups)Buy
Chemex Classic Series (Top Pick)3/6/8/10Check Price
Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over (Premium Pick)4Check Price
Hario V60 Size 02 Pour Over (Budget Pick)Check Price
Coffee Gator Pour Over2/3/5Check Price
1 Cup = 5 ounces


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This classic & iconic is a favorite among experienced coffee lovers and for good reasons. This pour over coffee maker is simply known as the “Chemex” can use paper filters (bleached or unbleached) which works amazingly well, and produces a crisp, clean coffee that you’ll want to make over and over. There’s also a number of 3rd party vendors that make reusable filters, I a post about pour over coffee filters here. It comes in numerous sizes, 3/6/8/10 cups of coffee. Note that a Chemex cup is roughly 5 oz of coffee. A typical coffee mug will be 8-10 oz, so my recommendation is to get the 8 cup version of the Chemex if you’re looking to get one, it’ll make enough coffee for when you have company. This coffee maker is elegant, but also a great piece to have on your kitchen counter.

Fellow FX Pour Over Kit

Fellow FX is a unique pour over coffee maker that comes in a complete kit, the double-walled stainless steel dripper, and a double-walled glass carafe. The FX is very well built, gorgeous and pricey compared to other pour over devices. If Apple Inc. were to make a coffee maker, it would undoubtedly look like the Fellow FX + Fellow Stagg EKG. I have two small complaints about the Fellow FX: Firstly, the filters stick together when you’re trying to get just ONE, it’s a total pain. Secondly, the size of the carafe that comes in the kit makes about 2.5 mugs of coffee. That means you’ll be making coffee 2-3 times a day if you drink 3-4 cups as I do, not that it’s a bad thing taking coffee breaks, I suppose. You can attach the Fellow FX to larger coffee carafes for making coffee when you have company. Because of its smaller size, this pour over coffee maker is great for traveling when you must have pour over coffee while away.

Hario V60 Size 02 Pour Over

The Hario V60 has quickly taken over coffee shops around the world for its ease of use, affordability, and durability, oh yeah it also makes great coffee. Some would probably disagree with me, but V60 doesn’t win any points from the ‘looks’ department for me, luckily it makes great coffee consistently when done correctly. What makes V60 so popular is its versatility. You can make any container, carafe, mug or cup a pour over coffee system if the Hario V60 fits on top of it. The unique design allows you to use it in many different ways without having to buy a specific product to attach to. The Hario V60 does come in different materials, like metal, ceramic and glass and they are all designed the same way. Hario also makes a group of accessories that go well with the V60, it’s a really fun coffee device with lots of options.

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Coffee Gator Pour Over

Coffee Gator has been disrupting the coffee device industry for years now with great durable and practical coffee devices, the Coffee Gator Pour Over is no different. This pour over device takes ideas from the Chemex and just improves on its functionality slightly. Coffee Gator comes with an insulated grip, reusable metal mesh filter, and BPA heat resistant glass. It’s a practical pour over coffee maker that’s affordable with features that have the user in mind.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Choice can sometimes be a burden, hopefully, I’ve helped you narrowed down a few pour over coffee makers to choose from. To be perfectly honest, there’s no wrong choice here, all these makers are great in their own right, but most importantly they are all capable of making great tasting coffee.

Featured Photo by Zachary Newton on Unsplash


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