3 Ways to Keep Your Coffee or Tea Warm All Day

3 Ways to Keep Your Coffee or Tea Warm All Day

Keeping your coffee hot is essential for maximum productivity and if you think about it, the faster your coffee gets cold, the faster you get to take another coffee break. Actually, taking constant coffee breaks sounds fun. Anyway, the next thing you know, your entire morning is just one big long coffee break. These are the three items I recommend keeping your coffee or tea hotter & longer. Why these three items? Because I’ve personally used all three and can attest to their quality, value and most importantly, their heat insulation properties.

  1. 1. YETI Rambler 30 oz or 20 oz
  2. 2. Hyrdoflask Coffee Flask, 20 oz
  3. 3. RTIC Bottles, 16/20oz

YETI Rambler, 30 fl oz (check price)

YETI Ramblers are hands down my go-to containers for keeping my coffee hot. When I make pour over coffee, it goes from my Chemex straight into either a 20 oz YETI Ramber or my larger 30 oz YETI Rambler. They are both very good at keeping items hot or cold. Many times I’ve left ice inside my YETI in the morning and it’s still hasn’t melted all of the ice by late afternoon, maybe 8+ hours inside the YETI Rambler. It really is one of man’s greatest inventions, but I get it, you’re still not convinced and you’re looking for data? Oh, I have you covered, I had a free day this week, so I figured why not test out my YETI cup and see how long it takes for the temperature actually dropped inside the cup from say, ~205F (98.8C) to something lukewarm? I thought this might be a fair test considering I often drink coffee all day, and during my busiest days, I’ll often sip on the same coffee mug/rambler for most of the day if I don’t finish it in the morning. Obviously, this Rambler will keep any warm drinks all day, but more specifically, I tested coffee & tea since they are both most readily available to me. It’s also worth noting that the Yeti lid that I used was the magnetic version that closes the opening and you can slide it back and forth. I think this is an important distinction when buying a Yet 30 oz Rambler. Some 20 oz & 30 oz Ramblers only come with the standard lid that has a permanent small opening for drinking. This little opening will release heat faster in my opinion than the magnetic sliding lid.

YETI 30 oz Rambler Heat Loss Table

Initial Temp205 F 96.1 C
1 Hour182 F83.3 C
2 Hours165 F73.8 C
3 Hours152 F67.0 C
4 Hours140 F60.0 C
5 Hours129 F53.8 C
6 Hours115 F46.1 C

I basically stopped measuring after 6 hours, since I figured a 7-hour old coffee probably wasn’t in anyone’s best interest anymore. Anyway, this was hardly a masterclass in thermodynamics, but I did have fun testing out the 30 oz YETI Rambler for its heat insulation properties. After 6 hours I did a very scientific (Disclaimer: Not Scientists were involved or harmed during the taste test) coffee taste test and it was still warm, not hot, but certainly enjoyable. Aside from the coffee not being piping hot, the taste wasn’t that much different from the same batch in the morning when I started this little experiment. So if you’re on the fence about getting a YETI 30oz Rambler, I know they are on the more expensive side, I can promise you it’s absolutely worth it, I own 5 YETI Ramblers. If someone wants to see a comparison in temperature chart comparing the 20 oz to the 30 oz, let me know in the comments below and I’ll do the heat insulation test and post it on here in another post.

YETI 30 oz and 20 oz Rambler Build Quality

These are high-quality items that you can immediately tell when you pick up a Yeti cup. They are heavy, built like a tank, even the 20 oz cup is fairly solid and I’ve had no issues after dropping the 30 oz YETI more times than I care to admit, the Rambler is made of double-wall insulated Tumblers with an 18/8 stainless steel body. The YETI also comes in a variety of colors, for some odd reason some colors cost way more than others. I’ve linked a video below that you can watch to see what’s inside a YETI cup, it’s a different model from the ones I have, but I can’t imagine that the 30 oz cups are that much different. Enjoy the vid! (There’s some cursing involved, but the guy cutting the Yeti open is entertaining)

YETI 20/30 oz Key Features

  • 18/8 Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

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Hydroflask Coffee Flask, 20 fl oz (check price)

Hyrdoflask is pretty much all the rage these days with kids. I want to be clear that I bought a Hydroflask before it was cool to own one (technically it’s my GF’s Hydro). I wanted to do a coffee temp drop /insulation test on the Hydroflask as well, but I was forbidden by my GF to put any coffee in it because she uses it for mainly cold water while working out. I put coffee in almost all our containers, and then she spends a lot of time trying to get the coffee taste out, that’s tea drinkers for you.

The Hydro Flask wide mouth comes in 16 oz & 20 oz versions and these are specially marketed for coffee and tea drinkers, with a single-hand operation for opening and closing of the lids. The 20 oz and 16 oz are great for portability and I find the lid has better security in comparison to the 20 or 30 oz YETI Ramblers. If you’re looking to use the Hyrdroflask primarily for coffee drinking, I would also suggest sticking with one primary drink. The metal container itself won’t necessarily ‘hold’ flavor of whatever liquid you put into the Hyrdoflask, but the lid is made of plastic and over time it will impart the coffee flavor into the plastic pieces. The Hydroflask Coffee Flask is a great alternative to the YETI 20 / 30 oz Ramblers, it’s affordable and the price point is similar to other coffee or tea containers of the same build and quality.

RTIC Bottles (16 & 20 oz)(Check Prices Wine Cooler | Bottle)

RTIC is the cheaper option between Hrydoflask & YETI but also performs well enough to make this 3-way roundup. RTIC & YETI are bothe designed here in Texas, I see tons of people using them, including myself. But by far, RTIC is the more affordable (at least at the time of this post) of the two brands and features a typical screw top with a rubber gasket, it doesn’t leak and holds different types of liquid. Certainly, for the price and performance, I would actually recommend RTIC over YETI. But the RTIC just doesn’t feel as well built as the YETI.

Pictured above are two RTIC coffee/tea and WINE container. The black one on the left is specifically made for keeping half a bottle of wine (350ml) and the stainless steel one on the right is a general beverage container that holds tea or coffee. I’ve used the wine container for coffee before as well, it does a great job of keeping coffee warm all day, but it’s a 16 oz bottle, so it holds a mug coffee and a little bit extra, so not much for US standard.

Key Features

  • RTIC’s insulation technology keeps the wine in your RTIC wine bottle at just the right temperature for up to 24 hours.
  • Constructed from premium grade, 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free.
  • Vacuum insulated to keep liquids and beverages fresh.
  • Narrow and tall design. Easy-grip base. No sweat exterior.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Hopefully, this has been a very helpful post, if you’re close to purchasing one of these items to keep your tea or coffee hot for 4-6 hours, you can’t go wrong with any of them. But if I were to only recommend one, I would say the YETI 20 or 30 oz Ramblers will give you the best quality & performance. For the price alone, I would recommend RTIC and finally if you’re looking to be cool/hip but also like keeping your coffee hot, then Hyrdroflask is for you.


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