Pour Over Coffee Apps

Pour Over Coffee Apps

New-age tech meets the super old tradition of brewing coffee. I saw a Bluetooth scale the other day and questioned, are there are apps to help beginners make better coffee at home? As it turns out there are! Some are paid, but I picked through a bunch of and basically found three that were worth downloading. I didn’t go through all the applications on the App Store, but most were just terrible. Here are three iPhone apps worth checking out so you can learn better ways to make coffee.

Filtru (POC & Co. favorite)

This app is great, and it’s freely available on the Apple App store (as of this writing in 2019, this app costs $0.00). What’s so great about Filtru? Well, it has 9 different brewing methods and it covers the most popular home brewing methods. I tried the ‘Chemex’ pour over method from the home screen and it was very easy to follow. It lets you change the serving amount and scales the coffee beans and water automatically based on your preference! What’s even better is that you can use Metric or Imperial units of measurement, so there’s no need to do the conversion in your head of check the internet. Once you’ve chosen your brewing method and serving size, the application will walk you STEP by STEP on what to do, it’s actually incredibly cool. If you’re totally new to making Chemex pour over coffee, this application is the best one I found in the App store. After stepping you through the process, the timer begins and goes through an animated brewing method that I’ve never seen any other application do. This application is 5 stars, if you’re new to pour over coffee, please get this app, it’s free and very informative.



Ratios is another free app on for the iPhone that will help you get the correct coffee to bean ratio for whatever drink you’re making. The Ratioapp itself is very simplistic and is open source (free to contribute). While not as fancy as Filtru listed above, this app is geared towards experienced home baristas that know what ratios they are looking to make already. If you’re just getting started with coffee brewing at home, you may not know all the coffee ratios off the top of your head, this app won’t really help with you that. However, if you already have the weight of beans in mind, you just plug that information in and it will tell you how much water you need, vice versa. Another downside to Ratios is the lack of automatic conversion from Metric to Imperial, so you’ll need to know your weight in Metric ahead of time and then convert to standard / imperial values. Overall, a nice app for experienced baristas, simple to operate and most of all it’s completely free in the Apple App Store.


Acaia Lunar Scale (Check Amazon Price)


As you may already know, measuring out your beans and water first when making pour over coffee is the best way to consistently make great coffee. With so much technology these days, brewing coffee at the digital level is even easier. While the Lunar scale is popular among espresso drinkers, you can essentially use this scale with virtually any coffee brewing method to get an accurate weight. What’s great about the Lunar scale is that it integrates beautifully with Filtru application, giving you more control and accuracy when measuring out your beans and water while using the Filtru application. The Acaia Lunar Scale does have its own application for download if you decide to use that instead.

Acaia Lunar Scale Features

  • The lunar is designed to prevent liquid damage
  • The power button now starts/stop/reset in sequential presses
  • Lunar comes with a 2-year warranty against water damage
  • The “weigh to brew” mode will automatically start the timer when the scale detects an increasing weight, as the start of a brew or espresso extraction.
  • Included in every lunar package will be a 100 g calibration weight & strips to place under your scale to protect metal-on-metal scratching

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

I wish there were more useful apps for coffee brewing available, but in this case, quality over quantity wins. I’d rather review a handful of worthwhile products or applications to recommend than go through 15 sub-par items that I’ll just end up hating. With that said, I can’t recommend Filtru enough, I’m glad I found it, even as a veteran pour over coffee lover, I find the app extremely useful. I hope this helped you get your tech on over some coffee.


Heads up: Products that link to Amazon are affiliate links. Clicking on them may earn us some cash, at no cost to you. This is how we pay for the website. Some links are good products and earn us 0.00 dollars. We take coffee seriously and thoroughly research and/or test products before recommending them to our community of fellow coffee-lovers.

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