Best Pour Over Coffee Scale

Best Pour Over Coffee Scale

Getting that perfect cup of pour over coffee each time takes precision & experience. If you’re serious about mastering pour over coffee, here’s three coffee scales that might help you achieve your ultimate goal, maximum coffee flavor. If you’re new to pour over coffee, check out this post to answer some of your questions. If you’re already bought in and looking for the next piece of gear for your pour over coffee addiction, this list will help with that. It’s critical that you get water + coffee measurements right when you’re first starting out to get a good sense of what flavors you can create with different variables. Take the guessing out of making your method of choice, whether it’s Aeropress, French Press or Pour Over, check out these three scales to accurately weigh ingredients.

Best Pour Over Coffee Scale: Top 3

Hario Stainless Steel V60 Coffee Scale (Best Overall Pick)Check Price
Acaia Black Pearl Digital Coffee Scale (Premium Pick)Check Price
Coffee Gator Digital Scale (Budget Pick)Check Price

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Hario Stainless Steel V60 Coffee Scale

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This V60 coffee scale can be used with any pour over coffee method of your choice whether that’s a Chemex or some other custom solution. The scale works beautifully with almost all methods giving you that precision you need in time and weight. This scale includes a drip timer for the perfect bloom and an integrated timer for the perfect pour time and control. There are two versions of this scale, a stainless steel plate (pictured above) and a completely black version that also looks and works just as well. This scale might seem expensive, but with a 0.1g accuracy, this product is hard to beat for those serious enough about making great coffee.

Acaia Black Pearl Digital Coffee Scale

The Acaia Black Pearl makes it on our list as the premium choice for complete integration with other technology. This Bluetooth enabled scale will connect with your smartphone and a special app called Filtru (completely free app). You can monitor all the measurements through the application (Pour Over Coffee Apps) while the Filtru app guides you through the entire brewing process. The app is so good, I can’t believe it’s free and the fact that it connects to the Acaia Black Pearl Digital makes me wonder if the app developers will start charging people in the future? Maybe not, but for now, it’s completely free. The Acaia Black Pearl Digital does come with its own native application for the smartphone as well. This scale does come at a premium price but has the looks and features you’d expect from a premium-priced product. This scale would pair well with the Fellow FX + Fellow EKG for a complete pour over system made for the techie.

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Coffee Gator Digital Scale

Coffee Gator Digital Scale is for the price-conscious coffee lover, thus making it out Budget Pick. It’s the most affordable digital coffee scale on the list and comes with all the features you’d expect from a coffee scale, minus all the fancy smartphone gadgetry. You certainly don’t need anything fancy to make the best cup of coffee, the Coffee Gator Digital Scale will get the job done just fine. Coffee Gator Digital Scale has really put the user in mind first (just like most Coffee Gator Products) and has some great features for the price, like: changeable measuring units, loading tray, and slip-proof rubber mat just to name a few. This scale is a great beginner scale and wins a lot of points with us for functionality, affordability, and features.

Featured Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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