Pour Over Coffee Filter

The Best Pour Over Metal Coffee Filter

There are countless filter options for pour over coffee and trust me; I’ve tried many of them. One of the best filters I’ve found over the years has been the metal filter for making pour over coffee. They come in…Read more
Electric Kettle for Pour Over Coffee

Best Electric Kettle for Pour Over Coffee

When it comes to pour over coffee, without a doubt gooseneck style electric kettles are your best options. Gooseneck kettles will give you the best control when pouring hot water into your pour-over coffee filter. Pour Over Coffee Kettle Alternatives…Read more

Roasting Coffee At Home: Here are 3 Ways

I've roasted coffee at home a dozen times, it's not something I do often, but definitely a coffee activity that I would recommend, at least once in your life, if you're into coffee. It can be fun, interesting and certainly…Read more

Pour Over Coffee Ratio Chart

The key to great pour over is experimentation! But every good experiment needs a baseline for comparison, that’s why I’ve made this table to help you get started with your pour over coffee journey. Keep in mind these are just…Read more

Beginners Guide to Pour Over Coffee (Chemex)

The A-Z of pour over coffee for beginners. This post goes over equipment, technique and everything else you need to get started. Once you have mastered the art of pour over coffee, everything else will be measured by your new…Read more
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